SpiderPi: Raspberry Pi based AI Vision Hexapod Robot

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The controller of SpiderPi is Raspberry Pi 4B and the programming language is Python. Equipped with 2DOF HD camera, SpiderPi can realize intelligent games such Facial Recognition and Intelligent Transport.

Detailed tutorials and Python source code will be provided for your learning of AI vision, OpenCV, bionic gait, robotics etc.



  • The robot kit includes the Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB controller board.
  • Large capacity battery, long working duration.
  • Provide PC software source code and Python source code.
  • Robot battery voltage display.
  • Installed HD camera catches real-time images.
  • Support PC software, phone App and VNC remote desktop control.

Color Recognition

Color Tracking

Tag Recognition

Facial Recognition


AI Vision Recognition

120° HD wide-angle camera contributes to the better performance of Facial Recognition, Color Tracking, Tag Recognition, Color Recognition, etc.

Inverse Kinematic Gait

Using kinematic algorithms, SpiderPi moves more smoothly and can complete quick dynamic turning and other challenging actions.

Line Following

SpiderPi can recognize black, white and red lines through OpenCV. Calculate the position and adjust the following route.

Intelligent Transport

In AI transport mode, SpiderPi detects the object distance by vision recognition, and then switch gaits autonomously to move it to the specific area.

Obstacle Avoidance

There is a RGB ultrasonic sensor in SpiderPi so that you can set the obstacle avoidance distance and the glowing color in the APP.


Wi-Fi Control

Under LAN mode, you can use the APP or PC software to control the SpiderPi. Drag the sliders to program actions without writing code in PC software.

Connect “WonderPi” APP to the LAN instead of searching IP in router to set MAC. Get the IP with one click for the remote connection and operation.


High Voltage Bus Servo

Compared with traditional 7.4V servo, the 11.1V high-voltage servo has longer service time and less power consumption.


Powerful Control System

  • Independent power switch for stable power supply
  • channel PWM servo port with avoiding current protection
  • Loaded 6-axis sensor IC helps data collection
  • GPIO pins and 4 IIC ports for users’ extension
  • 4PIN ports are compatible with Hiwonder sensors


SpiderPi Standard Kit


SpiderPi Advanced Kit


Standard & Advanced Kit

Note: the SpiderPi robotic arm includes a Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB controller.

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