SP801E WiFi ART-Net LED Controller

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SP801E 4 output channel is an Art Net Controller that works with a bluetooth APP for WS2811, WS2812B, and WS2812 Panel Addressable LED Strips. It supports both mobile APP and various lighting effects, making it appropriate for a range of occasions and consumer needs. Wide working voltage range of DC5V–24V, eliminating power supply reversal. Automatically save the configuration parameters. supports the majority of commercially available addressable light bars, including WS2811, WS2812B, WS2812 panel, and others.
In order to show various patterns and text, it is mostly used to drive LED matrices.


  • App controlled via WiFi, compatible with multiple Art-Net computer software ;
  •  Dual Mode Chip Configuration(WIFI&BT);
    Support AP mode and STA mode;
  • Two layout setting method: regular rectangle layout setting and importing DXF files
  • Support two layers overlay, built-in multiple types of effect layers: text layer, music effect layer
  • The effect layers support a variety of custom parameters: direction, width, color, length, shape
  • Real-time preview, support recording the current scene to the controller storage;.
  • Support change device name ,reorder the RGB order, and OTA update.
LED Controller
Working Voltage
DC 5V~24V
Working Current
Working Temperature
Flash Capacity
Output signal
4-port TTL Signals
Maximum Pixel Number
1024 / port
LED driver IC
Normal one-wire RZ code LED driver IC

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