Solenoid Valve 1/2" DC 3.6-6V Water Control Electric Pulse (Bistable)

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This 1/2 inch solenoid valve is used to control the liquid flow. The valve is normally closed when there is no pulse applied, it opens if a positive pulse is applied and gets closed again when there is a negative pulse. The input and output thread size of the valve is G1/2in. This is mainly used in water purification equipment, engineering water control system, integration faucet. This electric pulse solenoid valve has fine workmanship, stable and long life and it is not easy to break it down. Through the use of a magnet, the latching solenoid valves are bi-stable which allows them to stay in either state indefinitely without drawing any power. To shift the valve from one state to another, a short 25 millisecond DC voltage is applied to the coil. To shift the valve back, a reverse polarity pulse is applied. Result is an extremely low power usage and negligible valve coil temperature rise, subsequently providing very long battery life.

 Material  Plastic
Operating Voltage 3.6-6 V DC
Coil Resistance 9Ω± 5% (at 20 Celsius)
Pulse Width 30ms
Pipe Size 1/2 Inch
Working Pressure 0.02 - 1.0MPa
Medium Temperature 1-80 Degree Celsius
Dimensions (LxW) 5 * 5.5cm / 2.0* 2.2in
Weight 48gm
Country of Origin China

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