SMD LED 3 Watt Each (Red, Green and Blue) RGB

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This is a high-quality  9Watt Red+Green+Blue SMD LED which means each Colour is of 3Watts. It has a total of six pins, two pins for each colour LED. These LED's consume low power and emits much intense bright light. There is a built-in heat sink at the bottom. This Led is suitable for PWM and it is fully dimmable. 
The LED Bead is the fundamental element of a high-power LED module. The Bead is designed to be mounted to a heat-conducting surface to draw away excess heat from the LED. See our complete assortment of LED Bead aluminium base plates, heat sink, and accessories.
They are extremely bright, many times more than a 5mm LED, and generally produce a wide angle of light disbursement which can be narrowed through the use of an external lense. 

Pin Configuration

Pin Name


Three Anodes

Positive terminals

Three Cathodes

Negative terminals

LED Shape Round
Emitting Colour Red, Green, Blue
Power 3x3W= 9W
Max Rated Current 600-700mA
Brightness 80-100(Red), 110-140(Green), 30-50(Blue)
Colour Wavelength  Red: 620nm, Green: 520nm, Blue: 460nm
Reverse voltage 5V
Operating Voltage 2-2.6VDC(Red), 3-3.6VDC(Green), 3-3.6VDC(Blue)
Country of Origin China

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