Smart Home Automation Kit with IR Remote Control

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Its Home Automation Kit with IR remote Control, it has Remote to control the Home automation appliances its a small project kit which can be used by the students or in college project, In this Board it has 3 Relays for switching purpose, It has 3 IC PC817 Its used for I/O isolation for Microcontroller, and noise suppressing in switching circuits. It has a Microcontroller IC ATmega328P its used to control all the process in this Board. It has two MOC3021 IC, MOC3021 is an optically Isolated Triac Driver Device, contains a GaAs infrared emitting diode and a light activated silicon bilateral switch, which functions like a triac. It has an LED which is used as an Indicator. It has an IR sensor which is used to transmit The infrared by which Remote will receive the transmitted signal from the Board Like this it will perform task

Package Included:

  1. IR Remote
  2. Automation Kit
  3. Connector with IR sensor


  • It has a crystal oscillator
  • It has ATmega328P
  • It has 3 relays for Switching purpose
  • It has 3 ,5V Relay outputting switch signals, suitable for controlling loads whose working voltage is within AC 250V/DC30V
  • It has Onboard power indicator and relay indicator
  • Its power supply is  5-80V
  • we can control 5 devices for this Kit.
Model Smart Home Automation Kit
Relay 3 Channel
Input Voltage 220V-240V
Relay Voltage 5V
IC  AtMega328P

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