Single Channel Capacitive Touch TP223 Sensor Switch Module

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This TTP223 capacitor-type single-channel touch sensor has 3 ports, i.e., GND, VCC and Out. GND is connected to the ground of the circuit, while VCC is connected to the positive end of the power source. Out is connected to one end of the load that has to be controlled using the touch sensor. In this sensor, there is an electrode which acts as a plate of the capacitor and forms a parasitic capacitor. When a conductive load is brought closer to the touchpad, it acts as the other plate of the capacitor, and a change in capacitance occurs. This change in capacitance is detected by the measuring circuit connected to it, which generates a trigger signal, and the switch is activated.

Type Touch Sensor Switch
Input Voltage 2-5V
Maximum Response Time 60mS in fast mode, ~220mS at low power mode
Capacitance 0~50pF
No. of Channel 01
No. of Pin 03
Dimensions 24mm x 24mm.
Make Made in India
Country of Origin China

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