SIM900A GSM/ GPRS Module

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SIM900A GSM Module is the smallest and cheapest module for GPRS/GSM communication. It is common with Arduino and microcontrollers in most embedded applications. The module offers GPRS/GSM technology for communication with the use of a mobile sim. It uses a 900 and 1800MHz frequency band and allows users to receive/send mobile calls and SMS. The keypad and display interface allows the developers to make customized applications with it. Furthermore, it also has modes, command mode and data mode.                                                                                        The Module SIM900A looks like a single chip but it has a bunch of features that can help to build almost many commercial applications. Although, there are a total of 68 pins on SIM900A and using these pins helps to build the applications. But we will need a few pins if you use a module for interfacing with Arduino.

Pin Configuration


  • The module is the best application to design a graphic for Voice call and SMS application.
  • Some IoT applications, mostly in an emergency, have the module.
  • The location tracing system also uses SIM900A.
  • SIM900A can be used for mobile communication.

Power Input

3.4V to 4.5V

Operating Frequency

EGSM900 and DCS1800

Transmitting Power Range

2V for EGSM900 and 1W for DCS1800

Data Transfer Link

Download: 85.6kbps, Upload:42.8kbps


MT, MO, CB, Text and PDU mode.

Antenna Support


Audio Input/output


Serial Port

I2C and UART

Serial Debug Port


Country of Origin China



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