Shiva 0-30A Square Shape Analog Ammeter

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An analog ammeter is an instrument used to measure electric current. Unlike digital ammeters that provide readings in numerical form, analog ammeters use a needle or pointer on a scale to indicate the current passing through a circuit. These meters typically have a dial with a range of values representing different current levels. When connected in series with a circuit, the needle moves across the scale to indicate the amount of current flowing through the circuit, allowing users to read the current value directly from the scale. Analog meters have been widely used historically but are gradually being replaced by digital meters due to their higher accuracy and ease of reading precise values.


  • Its measuring range is 0-30A
  • Its analog device
  • It has an indicator to show the current range
Colour Black
Type Ammeter
Current Range 0-30A
Display Analog
Brand Shiva
Dimensions 72x54x80mm

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