Shakti 220V 8W Mini Soldering Iron

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It is a 220V 8W mini soldering iron. Soldering uses a filler metal with a low melting point, also known as solder, to join metal surfaces. The solder is usually made up of an alloy consisting of tin and lead. Solder is commonly used in electronics, heating, air conditioning, mechanical, fire sprinkler, and other similar systems as well as radiator manufacturing, repair and sheet metal work. It is also used in jewelry and stained glass work. 


  • Advanced heating element
  • High-quality Copper-plated Bit
  • Quickly attains a working temperature
  • Constant Tip temperature
  • Low current leakage
  • 2 core molded plug
  • Strong ABS handle for comfort use


Brand Shakti
Type Mini soldering iron
Voltage 220-230V
Power 8W
Length of wire 1.5m
Bit 14.8mm

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