SG3525AN PWM Controller IC

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The implementation of the SG3525A and SG3527A pulse width modulator control circuits for managing all varieties of switching power supply results in increased performance and a reduced exterior parts count. There is no need for external divider resistors because the error amplifier's input common-mode voltage range encompasses the reference voltage and the on-chip +5.1 V reference is cut to 1%. One unit can be synchronized to an external system clock or several units can be slaved to it using the the oscillator's sync input. A single resistor linked between the CT and Discharge pins can be used to design a broad range of deadtime. These gadgets also include integrated soft-start circuitry that simply needs an external timing capacitor to function. An instantaneous turn-off via the PWM latch with pulsing shutdown is provided by the soft-start circuitry, which is controlled by a shutdown pin.


  • Highly reliable
  • It has 16 Pins
  • Its operating voltage range is 8 to 35V
  • Its oscillator's frequency range is 100 to 400KHz
  • It has adjustable dead time control
  • It has latching PWM to prevent multiple pulses

Model SG3525AN 
Type PWM Controller IC
Package 16 DIP
Operating Voltage 8V
Oscillator frequency range 400KHz
Dead time resistor range 500Ohm
Operating ambient temperature 70 Degree Centigrade
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -55 to 125 centigrade
Country of Origin China

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