SFAF1004G Glass Passivated Super Fast Rectifier

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SFAF1004G is a glass passivated super fast rectifier as we know that the rectifier is used to rectify the signal, A rectifier converts AC signal in to DC signal, Its operating current is 10 A, Its package is TO-220AC. its used for low voltage and high frequency inverter and free wheeling and polarity protections. Its polarity has marked on it by marking we can easily get that the which one is anode or cathode.


  • Its forward current is 10A

  • Its temperature for soldering is 260 degree centigrade

  • Its operating temperature range is -55 to 150 degree centigrade

  • Its used to protect the circuit

  • Its high reliable

  • It has high surge current capability

  • It provides low power losses
Model SFA100AG
Type Rectifier
Package TO-220AC
Max reverse recovery time 35nS
DC blocking voltage 600V
Total power dissipation 70W
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -55°C TO 150°C

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