Schneider XB7EV01MPN 230V 22mm Round Indicator Pilot Light (White)

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Indicator lights are illuminating devices that are commonly used to show whether or not equipment is receiving power or if it is malfunctioning. Indicator lights can be used in a variety of ways. Brighter than a normal incandescent bulb while using a portion of the power. It casts a brilliant, even light throughout the pilot light's surface. Easily visible even in brightly lit areas. Long-life compare to bulbs indicators. It's easy to use and quick to install. Designed for usage in the manufacturing, tertiary education, and construction industries. It can be employed in high-performance control systems that are simple to set up.

Product Harmony XB7EV01MPN
Brand Schneider
Product Type Indicator Light
Short Name XB7
Mounting Diameter 22mm
Shape Round
Colour White
Light Source LED
Rated Supply Voltage 230-240V AC @50/60Hz
Screw Terminal Tightening Torque 1 Nm±0.2
Head Tightening Torque 2.2 Nm±0.2

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