RURG8060 Ultrafast diode

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An ultrafast diode with soft recovery properties (t r r 75ns), the RURG8060. It is of silicon nitride passivated ion-implanted epitaxial planar structure with low forward voltage drop. This component is designed to be used in a range of switching power supply and other power switching applications as a freewheeling/clamping diode and rectifier. Its low stored charge and rapid recovery with soft recovery feature reduce electrical noise and ringing in many switching circuits, hence lowering switching transistor power loss.


  • Its ultrafast  with soft recovery time <75nS

  • its max reverse voltage is 600V

  • Its operating temperature is 175 degree centigrade

  • avalanche energy rated
Part number RURG8060 
Type Ultrafast diode
Package TO-247
Brand Fairchild
Average Rectified Forward Current 80A
DC Blocking Voltage 600V
Maximum power dissipation 180W

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