RHRP3060 30A,600V Hyper fast diode

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RHRP3060 is a hyper fast soft recovery diode its recovery time is to less that is why its known as hyper fast soft recovery diode this diode  is basically used for fast switching operation wherever we need of fast switching operation there we can use this diode as an electronics switch if we talk about the maximum forward current of this diode is 30A its operating voltage is 600V. These components are designed to be used in a range of  switching power supply and other power switching applications as rectifiers and freewheeling/clamping diodes. In many power switching circuits, its low stored charge and hyper fast soft recovery reduce ringing and electrical noise, hence minimizing power loss in the switching transistors.


  • Its maximum operating voltage is 600V

  • Its maximum forward voltage

  • Its construction is planar

  • Its operating temperature is 175 degree centigrade

  • Its used for power switching applications
Model RHRP3060 
Type Hyper fast diode
Package TO-220AC
Working peak reverse voltage 600V
Maximum power dissipation 125W
Max Forward current 30A
DC blocking voltage 600V
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -65°C TO 175°C
Country of Origin China



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