RHRG5060 Hyper fast diode

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A hyper fast diode with soft recovery properties (t r r 45ns), the RHRG5060. It is made of silicon nitride passivated ion-implanted epitaxial planar architecture and has a recovery time that is half that of ultrafast diodes. This component is designed to be used in a variety of switching power supply and other power switching applications as a freewheeling/clamping diode and rectifier. In many power switching circuits, its low stored charge and hyper fast soft recovery reduce ringing and electrical noise, hence minimizing power loss in the switching transistor. Its applications are( Power Switching Circuits • General Purpose • Switching Power Supplies)


  • Highly reliable
  • Its reverse voltage is 600V
  • Hyper fast Recovery Time is <45nS
  • It has high capability to reduce power losses

  • It has planar construction
Model RHRG5060 
Type Hyper fast recovery diode
 Reverse Voltage 600V
Package TO-247
Brand name Fairchild
Reverse current  250 Microamp
Maximum Power Dissipation 125W
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -65 to 175 centigrade
Country of Origin China



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