RHR15120 15A 1200V Hyper-fast Diode

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The RHRP15120 is a hyperfast diode with soft recovery. It is a silicon nitride passivated ion-implanted epitaxial planar construction with half the recovery time of ultrafast diodes. These devices are designed to be used as freewheeling/clamping diodes and diodes in a wide range of switching power supplies and other power-switching applications. It reduces power loss and electrical noises too. It has Hyper fast, soft recovery time, which reduces the electrical noise. It's mostly used as freewheeling/clamping diode, rectifier, Power switching application and other general-purpose switching operations. 


  • Hyper fast, soft recovery 75nS
  • Silicon nitrate passivated IC
  • Epitaxial planar construction has two terminal
  • The operating temperature is 175 °C
  • Low power losses
  • Reverse voltage 1200V
Model RHR15120
Type Diode
Working Peak Reverse Voltage 1200 V
DC blocking voltage 1200 V
Maximum Power Dissipation 100 W
Maximum current 15A
No of pins 2
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -65°C TO 175°C
Package TO-220AC
Country of Origin China

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