Raspberry Pi 4 Model-B with 8 GB RAM

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  1. Quad-Core 64-bit Broadcom 2711, Cortex A72  Processor
  2. WLAN 802.11 b/g/n/ac (2,4 + 5,0 GHz)
  3. LAN RJ45 10/100/1000 Mbit (Gigabit LAN over USB 3.0)
  4. Operating Power 5V@3A  via USB Type-C port
  5. Dual-Display Micro HDMI Ports which support H 265 Decode for 4K Video @60p



Operating Power

5V 3A DC via GPIO Header, 5V 3A DC via USB Type-C Connector, Power Over Ethernet (PoE)–Enabled (requires separate PoE HAT)


(Fully backwar ds-compatible with previous boards), Standard 40-pin GPIO Header


H.264 (1080p60 decode, 1080p30 encode);, H.265 (4Kp60 decode);, OpenGL ES, 3.0 Graphics

Video and Sound

2 × micro HDMI ports (up to 4Kp60 supported), 2-Lane MIPI CSI Camer a Port, 2-Lane MIPI DSI Display Port, 4-Pole Stereo Audio and Composite Video Port

Clock Speed

1.5 GHz

Micro-SD Card Slot

Yes (FAT32 format), support maximum 32G Micro SD Card Memory Features

Operating Temperature (°C):

0 to +55

Dimensions (mm) LxWxH

85 x 56 x 19

Weight (g):




Shipping Weight 0.057 kg
Shipping Dimensions 10 × 8 × 4 cm

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