Raindrop Sensor Module

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This Raindrops sensor module is used to detect rain. The rain sensor can monitor a variety of weather conditions and convert them into fixed output signals and analogue outputs. It has a PCB on which the raindrops are collected. As raindrops collect on the circuit board, they form parallel resistance paths that are measured by the op-amp. For added convenience, the module includes a separate rain board and control board. It has a power indicator LED and a potentiometer for adjusting the sensitivity. The LM393 op-amp serves as the foundation for the module.


  1. Adjustable sensitivity
  2. Output LED indicator
  3. Compatible with Arduino
  4. Operating voltage: 5V
  5. Provide both digital and analog output
  6. Adjustable sensitivity
Product Raindrop Sensor Module
Operating Voltage 5V
Output Type Both Analog and Digital Type
Type Raindrop Detect Sensor
Country of Origin China

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