R12DSNG Reverse blocking thyristor

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R12DSN  is a reverse blocking thyristor its mainly designed for high volume, low cost industrial and consumer applications. its use to control motors , process, light, speed and temperature this IC has three terminal. A thyristor has three terminals: anode (positive terminal), cathode (negative terminal), and gate (control terminal). The gate controls the flow of current between the anode and cathode. The primary function of a thyristor is to control electric power and current by acting as a switch.


  •  Its use to control the motor, Light Etc.

  •  Passivated die for  reliability and uniformity

  • Its Low level triggered and Holding characteristics
  • It has the capability to improved dv/dT

  • 100% avalanche energy rated
Model R12DSN
Type Thyristor
Package Case 369C
Max operating current 12A
Max operating voltage  600 to 800V
Forward peak gate current 2.0A
Peak non repetitive surge current 100A
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -40°C TO 150°C



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