Qiachip 433 mhz metal 4 button wireless RF transceiver kit remote control with receiver

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It's a Qiachip 433 mhz metal 4 button wireless RF transceiver kit remote control with receiver. It's Working voltage DC2.5V-5V, Working current: 3.7mA, Sensitivity-108DBM,  Rate MAX 10 KB/S. It's  Working mod is jog self-locking, interlocking (freely convertible). It's Module output: 4 CMOS level signals, which can correspond to 4 buttons of remote control "ABCD".

When the remote control button is pressed, the output of D0, D1, D2, and D3 is high level, and when it is not pressed, it is low level.

Clear and match the code: (Before switching the mode, clear the code first)

1, clear function - press the learning button (not let go) "KEY" 5 seconds, after the LED indicator goes out, let go, wait until the LED indicator flashes 3 times and then go out, start to clear all the remote control code data in the memory, it means The clear function is complete.

2, the code function - press the learning button (jog mode) "KEY", the LED indicator lights up to indicate that the microprocessor enters the learning pair code state, press the matching wireless remote control button, the LED indicator flashes 3 After the second time, the code is successful. (The learning button is clicked once for the jog mode; press 2 times for the self-locking mode; press 3 times for the interlock mode; press 4 times: 1, 2 for jog, 3, 4 for self-locking; for 5 times: 1 2, jog, 3, 4 interlock; press 6 times: 1, 2 self-locking, 3, 4 interlock; press 7; 1, 2 interlock, 3, 4 interlock.) The wireless remote control switch can store 16 different remote controls and can set different working modes. (This is a one-key pair code, the program will automatically assign the data bits)

3. Pair code test - After the code is successful, when the remote control button is pressed, the corresponding D0, D1, D2, D3 output is high level.

Wiring and testing

1. Correctly regulate the wiring according to the control function required by yourself. After the wiring is completed, check whether the wiring is correct. Do not operate the wiring and trial wiring with power. If there is any irregular operation, the company will not be responsible.

2. After confirming that the wiring is correct, turn on the power.

3. Press the remote control button of the code, and the remote control switch controls the corresponding control object. If the control is normally controlled, it means that the wiring test is successful and can be used normally.

common problem

1. Turn on the power supply, and clear code and code can be performed at any time. When the circuit is working, the clearing function is performed. After the clearing is successful, the 4-way relay returns to the normal state. When the LED function is lighted, the code enters the code status. The learning waiting time is about 6 seconds. It is necessary to complete the code within 6 seconds. After 6 seconds, the LED indicator is off and the program automatically exits the code status.

2. When using for the first time, be sure to clear the code once and empty the factory test to store the remote control code. After the code is successful, the valid remote control code LED will be lit.

3. The control switch can store 16 remote control codes. If 17 remote control codes are learned, the program will automatically overflow the first remote control code. And so on. When the remote control code is confusing, it should be cleared before learning, so as to avoid interference from other remote control codes.

4. The remote control used needs to learn after coding, because the general coded remote control has no code when it leaves the factory. It is ok to use it directly, but it will be controlled by other remote controllers without coding.

5, use the installation to avoid interference sources and form a similar shield cover environment. Directly affects the receiving sensitivity.

6, do not use it abnormally. Abnormal use will reduce the performance and longevity of the product. If it is serious, it will directly damage the product and bring hidden danger to your safety.

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