PT4115 30V 1.2A Step-Down Converter (Pack of 1000)

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The PT4115 is an inductive step-down converter with continuous conduction mode that is designed to efficiently drive single or multiple series linked LEDs from a voltage source higher than the total LED chain voltage. The PT4115 can produce more than 30 watts of output power depending on the supply voltage and additional components.

The PT4115 has a power switch as well as a high-side output current detecting circuit that employs an external resistor to determine the nominal average output current, as well as a dedicated DIM input that accepts either a DC voltage or a wide range of pulsed dimming signals.It can be used for making LCD TV backlighting, Automotive lighting, Illuminated signs, etc.


  • Simple low parts count
  • Wide input voltage range: 6V to 30V
  • Single pin on/off and brightness control using DC
  • Typical 5% output current accuracy
  • Inherent open-circuit LED protection
  • High-Side Current Sense
  • Adjustable Constant LED Current
 Model PT-4115
Output Current Upto 1.2A
Mounting style SMD
Switching frequency Upto 1MHz
Efficiency Upto 97%
Quantity 1000

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