Portable USB2.0 Digital Microscope 1000X with Adjustable Stand

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A digital microscope is a useful instrument for inspecting and analyzing a wide range of things, from microfabricated components to massive electrical equipment. All the tiniest details are captured using a portable USB digital microscope with 2.0 megapixels and 1000x magnification. This enables you to view even the tiniest details in great definition on your computer screen. The digital microscope has eight LED lights that may be adjusted to ensure that your body is well lit.
You can view clearer images and videos by adjusting the 8 LED lights depending on the surrounding environment. Digital microscopes are utilized in a variety of fields, including education, research, medical, forensics, and manufacturing. You just have to connect the USB port with the PC and just install the drivers from the CD provided with the digital microscope. It is widely used in a range of professional fields. You can also click the pictures or images through the microscope by just pressing the snap button present on the microscope.


  • 8 adjustable LED lights
  • A portable USB digital microscope with 2. 0 megapixels and 1000x magnification
  •  Controller: High-Speed DSP
  •  Lens: Micro-Scope Lens Focus
Dimensions 138.4mm*98.8mm*135.4mm
Range Manual Focus from 0~200mm
SnapShot Software and Hardware Video Capture
Resolution 640x480
SnapShot Format JPEG
Video Format AVI
Light Source 8 White Light LED
Magnification Ratio
1000X (Manual)
Power Supply USB Port (5V DC)
Country of Origin China

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