PN532 NFC RFID Read/Write Module V3 with Tag and Card

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This is a PN532 NFC RFID Reader/Writer Module V3 with Tag and RFID Card. The PN532 is a highly integrated transmission module with microcontroller functionality that operates at 13.56 MHz and has 40KB of ROM and 1 KB of RAM. The PN532 combines a fully integrated modulation and demodulation concept for various contactless communication methods and protocols at 13.56 MHz with simple firmware for the various supported modes and host controller interfaces. It can function as an RFID reader/writer, 1443-A card, or virtual card, and it also supports NFC with an Android phone. 

Package Included
  • 1x PN532 NFC RFID Module
  • 1x RFID plain white Card
  • 1x Tag
  • 1x 4pin Female-to-female connector pin.
PN532 NFC RFID Module
Operating Voltage 3.3~5V
Supporting Protocols

II2, SPI and HSU (High-Speed UART)

I2C / UART: 3.3V ~ 24V TTL

SPI: 3.3V TTL with 100-ohm resistors in series

Communication Distance 5cm~7cm
Module Dimensions 41mm × 43mm
Card Dimension 85.5mm × 54mm
Supported  II2, SPI and HSU (High-Speed UART)
Country of Origin China

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