Plastic Base Grummet Small-12 mm Black

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It's a Plastic Base Grummet that effectively protects wood furniture or floor from scratches and damage and reduces noise. It also avoids chair leg dents to help extend the life of chairs. Nylon Plastic Buffers are used to cushion the base of Amplifiers, Stabilizers, Project Boxes, Small Machines, tables, Furniture, etc., that help reduce costs through greater efficiency.

Features :

  • It's a Plastic Base Grummet
  • Easy to Use
  • Light Weight.
  • Good Quality Plastic 

Applications :

  • Used as Boots for all Electronic Gadget
  • it also avoid chair leg dents to help extend the life of chairs. Plastic Buffer. 
  • strong, durable, waterproof, lightweight, easy to mould, and recyclable.
Specification :
Type  Base Grummet 
Material use  Plastic 
Color  Black 
Screw Hole diameter 
3 mm
Height of Base Grummet 
12 mm
Quantity 200


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