PIC16F886 8-Bit Microcontroller IC

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PIC16F886 is a MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY microcontroller from the 'PIC16F' series. It's an 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller with nano-Watt Technology. Because of its functionality and low cost, this microcontroller is popular among amateurs and engineers. Because of its rapid flash memory rewrite cycle, the PIC16F886 is an excellent microcontroller for testing and creating applications. There are also a variety of instructional and support resources available online. The controller features 16KBytes of flash memory, which is sufficient for a wide range of applications. With 24 programmable input/output pins designed to handle 20mA current (direct LED driving capabilities), the system can readily communicate with a wide range of peripherals. With the Watchdog timer configured to automatically reset in the event of a mistake, the controller may be used to construct permanent installation applications.


  • Precision Internal Oscillator:
  •  Factory calibrated to ±1% 
  •  Software selectable frequency range of 8 MHz to 31 kHz 
  • Software tunable 
  • Two-Speed Start-up mode 
  • Crystal fails to detect critical applications
  •  Clock mode switching during operation for power savings
  • Power-Saving Sleep mode
  • Wide operating voltage range (2.0V-5.5V) 
  • Industrial and Extended Temperature range 
  • Power-on Reset (POR) 
  • Power-up Timer (PWRT) and Oscillator Start-up Timer (OST) 
  • Brown-out Reset (BOR) with software control option 
  • Enhanced low-current Watchdog Timer (WDT) with an on-chip oscillator (software selectable nominal 268 seconds with full Prescaler) with software enable 
  • Multiplexed Master Clear with pull-up/input pin 
  • Programmable code protection 
  • High Endurance Flash/EEPROM cell:

Part Number

PIC16F886 8-Bit 



Programmable pins


Total pins


Communication Interface

SPI Serial Interface(7,14,15,16 PINS) [Can be used for programming this controller]

UART Interface(17,18 PINS) [Can be used for programming this controller]

Two-wire Serial Interface or I2C(14,15 PINS) [Can be used to connect sensors and LCDs]

ICSP or In-Circuit Serial Programming Interface (27,28 Pins) [Can be used for programming this controller]

Analog Comparators


PWM channels


External Oscillator

Up to 20MHz

CPU Speed

1MIPS @ 1MHz

Power Save Modes


Operating Voltage

2.0V to 5.5V

Maximum current to any I/O pin

IN: 25mA  

OUT: 25mA

Operating Temperature

-40°C to +125°C


Dimensions 35mm x 8.8mm x 3.3mm
Country of Origin China

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