PHILIPS BT138-600E 4Q TRIAC TO-220AB Package (Pack of 2)

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PHILIPS BT138-600E is a Planar passivated sensitive gate 4Q Triac in a SOT78 (TO-220AB) plastic package for general-purpose bidirectional switching and phase control applications. This sensitive gate "series E" Triac is designed to be directly interfaced with microcontrollers, logic integrated circuits, and other low-power gate trigger circuits. It has three terminals: Main Terminal 1, Main Terminal 2, and Gate.



  • Direct triggering from low-power drivers and logic ICS
  • High blocking voltage capability
  • Planar passivated for voltage ruggedness and reliability
  • Sensitive gate
  • Triggering in all four quadrants
 Model  BT138-600E
 Repetitive Peak Off-state Voltage @max 600V
 Non-Repetitive Peak On-Sate Current @max 95A
 Junction Temperature (TJ) 125°C
 RMS On-State Current (IT) 12A
 Mounting Type Through Hole
 Package TO-220AB

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