PC817 Transistor Output Optocoupler

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PC817 Photocoupler IC has a transistor that is controlled based on light (photon). So this IC basically has an IR (infrared) LED and a photo-transistor inside it. When the IR LED is powered the light from it falls on the transistor and it conducts. PC817 IC is used to provide electrical isolation between two circuits, one of which is connected to an IR LED and the other to a phototransistor. The digital signal sent to the IR LED is reflected on the transistor, but there is no physical connection between the two. 

This comes in handy when you're trying to isolate a noisy signal from your digital electronics, so if you're looking for an IC to provide optical isolation in your circuit design, this could be the one.

Collector-Emitter Voltage 80 V
Max. Forward Current 60mA
No. of Channels 1
Min. CTR 160%
Isolation Voltage 5.3KV
Package DIP
Number of Pins 4

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