PAM8403 with Output Controlling Potentiometer

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PAM8403 is a basic 5V input amplifier board that can drive two 3W + 3W stereo speakers. It's a great option for anyone looking for a Class-D stereo audio amplifier with a tiny footprint. The user can get high-quality audio reproduction from a stereo input using this amplifier. It also has a unique function in that it can drive speakers directly from the output.

This PAM8403 Amplifier module differs from the conventional PAM8403 Amplifier board in this module it allows us to have more control over the output provided by the IC. By control, we mean that this amplifier module board comes with a knob that allows you to adjust the output.

The PAM8403 IC provides high-definition sound quality and highlights the benefits of digital chips. The circuit uses the most reasonable peripheral arrangement, and the power supply filter is increased to 470uf.


  • Dual-channel stereo output 3 w + 3 w power Class D
  • High amplification efficiency 85%
  • can directly drive 4 Ω/8 Ω small speakers
  • Good sound quality  & noise suppression
  • Unique without LC filter class D digital power board
  • Small Size
Power Range 2.5V-5V DC
Output Power 3W + 3W
Audio Output L out, R out, GND
Size 35x29x14mm
Country of Origin China

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