P75NF758 N Channel Power MOSFET (Pack of 3)

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P75NF758  is an N channel power MOSFET its maximum operating voltage is 75V and the forward current is 80A.This Power MOSFET series was created using STMicroelectronics' exclusive S Trip FET process, and it was specifically created to reduce gate charge and input capacitance. In modern, high-efficiency, high-frequency isolated DC-DC converters for telecom and computer applications, it is thus an appropriate primary switch. It is also designed to be used in situations that just need a small gate drive.


  •  Drain to source voltage : VDSS = 75 V

  •  Gate to source voltage : VGSS = ± 20 V

  •  Drain current : ID = 80 A

  • Storage temperature :  -55 to +175 °C

  • It mostly used in switching operations
Model P75NF758 
Package TO-220
Forward current 80A
Voltage  75V
Brand STMicroelectronics
Absolute temperature 25°C
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -55°C TO 175°C




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