ONIDA HO3VVH2-F 2 Pin Power Plug with an Open-ended Cable

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A ONIDA HO3VVH2-F 2 Pin Power Cable with An Open-Ended Cable, 2-pin AC power cord with an open-ended cable is a common type of power cord used to connect electrical devices to a power source. As the name suggests, it has two pins. In many regions, these pins correspond to the "line" and "neutral" wires in an AC electrical circuit. There's no grounding pin (the third pin) in this type of cord. The cord is typically designed for use with a specific AC voltage and frequency, such as 110-120V at 60Hz (common in North America) or 220-240V at 50Hz (common in many other parts of the world). Make sure the cord matches the voltage and frequency of your electrical system.  The other end of the cord is open-ended, meaning it does not have a fixed connector. Instead, it's left bare so you can customize it to suit your needs. You can attach connectors, terminals, or other components to this end as required for your application.When customizing the open-ended cable, be sure to follow electrical safety practices and any relevant regulations in your region to ensure safe and compliant connections.


  • Its colour is Black
  • Its two pin Power Plug
  • Its wire length is 2.5 meter approx
Gender Male
No. of Pins 2
Connector Type Male Power Cable
Color Black
Model HO3VVH2-F
Type Power Cable with an Open Ended Cable
Cable Length 2.5m
Brand Onida

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