OEN 58-12-2C 5A Relay

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It's a OEN 58-12-2C 5A Relay. It's a electrically operated switch and it consists of set of input terminal for a single or multiple control signals, and a set of operating contact terminal. Relay are used where it is necessary to control a circuit by an independent low power signal  or where several circuit must be controlled by one signal. 


  • Switching capacity 5A is available with 2 changeover contacts.
  • Slim type and small occupying area can offer high dense P.C. Board technique.
  • Complete protective construction is designed from dust and soldering flux.
  • If required, plastic sealed type is available for washing procedure.
  • Applications - Controllers, Air Conditioners, Refrigerator, Microwave, TV, etc.
  • Miniature Power Relays | 12V 5A Relay | OEN Relay | DC Power Relay | DC Supply Relay | 12V Relay | Relay DC 12V | 


Brand OEN (O/E/N)
Rated Voltage 230 VAC/28VDC
Maximum Continuous Current 5A @ 230VAC/24VDC
Trigger Voltage (Voltage across coil) 12V DC
Coil Resistance 285 ohms
Trigger Current (Nominal current) 40mA Approx. 
Operating time 18msec
Release time 8msec
Country of Origin China

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