NTC Based Temperature Sensor Module

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This 4-Pin NTC-based temperature sensor module operates on 5V and has a DO or AO output. Temperature sensing ranges from -25 to +80 degrees Celsius. For water resistance, the thermocouple is coated with black epoxy. The analog DC output of an AO is proportional to the temperature. The output form of this module is DO for digital switching outputs (0 and 1) and AO for analog voltage output. The thermistor module is temperature sensitive and is commonly used to detect changes in the temperature of the surrounding environment, or MCU trigger relay module, etc. Our relay module, which can function as a temperature control switch, can be directly driven by the DO output.

Product NTC Based Temperature Sensor
Working Voltage 3.3V-5V 
Temperature Based On
No. of Pins 04
Temperature sense range -25 to +80 deg C
Comparator Output signal >15mA
Dimension  31*20*9 (mm)
Make  Made in India

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