NSN 12-0-12 12V 4A AL Winding Step Down Transformer

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12-0-12V 4A Step down Transformer is a general purpose chassis mounting mains transformer. Transformer has 240V primary windings and centre tapped secondary winding. The Transformer act as step down transformer reducing AC - 240V to AC - 12V. The Transformer is a center tapped transformer which gives two outputs of 12V, 12Vand 0V. We can connect two 12V loads or one 24V load to the transformer. A center tapped transformer has equal winding in primary and secondary coil, which is mostly prefer to used in Rectification Circuit. Like in full wave rectifier, LED Driver, SMPS, UPS DC motor Driver.


  • Soft Iron Core. 
  • 4A Current Drain
  • Center Tapped Transformer
  • Applications: On chassis AC/AC converter, Designing a battery Charger. 
Output Current 4A
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Type Transformer
Dimension 100x80x60
Voltage 12V

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