Normal Bit Tip for 25W Soldering Iron 3.5mm

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This is a Chisel tip Nickel Plated Spade 3.5mm Normal Bit that can be used with any regular 25 W soldering iron. With a new tip for your soldering gun, you'll achieve better and faster solder joints, and the whole process will be a lot more simple. This tip fits all analog and digital irons, and it's simple to swap out, taking only 30 seconds. All of the tips are suitable for both lead and lead-free environments (simply set the iron to the temperature required for the solder you are using). This big “Hoof” tip is ideal for drag soldering and also has enough mass at the end for quickly heating up large solder joints such as connectors.

Material Nickel Plated
Outer Diameter 7mm
Bit Tip Diameter 3.5mm
Compatibility Soldering Iron with 25W rating
Country of Origin China

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