Nextek 6A 250 AC 3 Pin Plug with 0.75 Sq mm 2 Meter Open Ended Cable

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A 3-pin, 6A, 250V AC power plug with an open-ended cable typically refers to an electrical cable with a specific plug configuration and voltage rating. An open-ended cable means that one end of the cable does not have a specific connector attached. Instead, the cable is left with exposed wire ends. This is done so that you can customize the cable by attaching your own connectors or terminals as needed. This indicates that the cable and plug are designed to operate with a voltage of up to 250 volts. This voltage rating is important to ensure that the cable and plug are compatible with the electrical system in which they will be used. The "6A" designation typically indicates the maximum current (amperage) that the cable and plug can handle safely. In this case, it can handle a maximum current of 6A


  • Its current is 6A
  • Its voltage is250V AC
  • It has 3 Pin Power Plug
  • Its colour is Black

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