NE555 Timer Monostable Mode Delay Switch Module

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This NE555 Monostable Mode Delay Switch Module is a timer switch module with a high-performance timing CPU design based on the NE555 chip. The switch trigger timing indication LEDs and the power indicator LED. Timing ranges from microseconds to hours. Vehicle equipment—delay to avoid automobile ignition, prevent high abrupt current from burning components and devices.

The NE555 integrated circuit serves as the basis for this monostable generator. The potentiometer or altering the capacitance can be used to adjust the delay period from 0 to 10 seconds. It can also control devices that are less than 220V/10A.

Input Voltage 12V DC
Adjustable Time 0-10s
AC Load Control 250V 10A
DC Load Control 30V 10A
Max. Load Power 2200W
Mode Monostable



Frequently Asked Questions

What does 555 mean in NE555?

555 The 555 timer is named after the three 5k resistors that are connected internally making a voltage divider circuit.

What is a 555 timer?

555 It is an integrated circuit that provides a square wave output signal. It is used to add delay/timing in electronic circuits.

What is 555 timer ic and where is it useful?

555 NE555 is a precision timing device that can act as either a simple timer to generate single pulses or long time delays. This IC can operate in either of the three modes 1. Monostable mode 2. astable mode 3. Bistable mode

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