MUR2040 400 V, 20A Super Fast Rectifier

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MUR2040 is a Fast Recovery Diode with a short reverse recovery time. As MUR2040 have a lower reverse recovery time than conventional diodes, they are better suited to high-frequency rectification applications. When voltage is applied in a reverse direction, the diode does not withstand voltage until it enters reverse bias. In reverse bias conditions, the current flow for a specific time. This time is known as Reverse Recovery Time (TRR).


  • Fast switching for high efficiency 
  • Low forward voltage drop 
  • Single rectifier construction
  • High surge capability
  • For use in low voltage ,high frequency inverters, free wheeling ,and polarity protection applications
Model MUR2040
Type Super Fast Rectifier
Package Type TO220
Maximum RMS voltage 280 V
Maximum repetitive peak reverse voltage 400V
Maximum DC blocking voltage 400 V
Peak forward surge current 20A
Max. Reverse Current  200A
Country of Origin China

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