Mastech MS8911 LCR Meter

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MS8911 LCR meter is a type of electronic test instrument which is used to measure the components value. It measures the inductance of inductor, capacitance of the capacitor, and the resistance of the resistor that is why its known as LCR meter. Its is also known as smart SMD tester. Impedance is a physical property that is measured using LCR meter, which are measuring equipment. The quantifier Z is used to express impedance, which is resistance to the passage of an AC current. It can be determined using the voltage V between the measurement target's terminals and the current I flowing to it. LCR meter measure both the phase difference between the current and voltage waveforms and the ratio of the current to voltage RMS values since impedance is expressed as a vector on a complex plane.


  • Its display count is 6000

  • Its ranging can be auto and manual

  • It has auto power off feature

  • Its resistance 60 Ohm

  • Its capacitance is 600pF

Model MS8911
Type LCR meter
Capacitance 600pF
Resistance 60 Ohm
Inductance 60H
RMS voltage 0.1V
Power supply 1x3V CR2450 Battery
Display count 6000

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