MQ-7 Gas Sensor Module

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MQ-7 is used for sensing CO concentrations in the air. The MQ-7 can detect CO levels ranging from 10 to 500 parts per million. This sensor has high sensitivity and a fast response time. The output of the sensor is an analog resistance. The sensor works in temperatures ranging from -10 to 50°C and consumes less than 150 mA at 5 V. Both digital and analog outputs are available on this module. The threshold level for digital output can be easily adjusted using the preset on the board. The MQ-7 sensor module can be easily interfaced with microcontrollers, Arduino, etc. The sensor could detect different gases containing CO; it is a low-cost module suitable for various applications. When the module is powered with 5V, the power LED should glow, and when no gas is detected, the output LED will remain off, indicating that the digital output pin will be 0V. Its made in India


  • High sensitivity to carbon monoxide
  • Fast response and recovery
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Stable, long life and low cost
  • Both digital and analog output
  • Output voltage boosts along with the concentration of the CO gases increases.
  • AO for analog output, DO for digital output, GND for ground, VCC for 5V voltage input.
Model MQ-7
Type Gas Sensor Module
Input voltage 5V DC
Range 10-1000ppm
Current 150mA
Make  India
Dimensions 20x35x16mm
Temperature -10°C to +50 ° C

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