MQ-135 Air Quality Gas Sensor

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This is an MQ-135 Air Quality Gas Sensor. MQ135 Gas Sensor Module with Digital and Analog Output for Air Quality. The MQ135 gas sensor's sensitive material is SnO2, which has lower conductivity in clean air. When the target combustible gas is present, the sensor conductivity increases as the gas concentration increases. The MQ135 gas sensor is highly sensitive to ammonia, sulphur dioxide, and benzene steam, as well as smoke and other harmful gases. It is inexpensive and suitable for a variety of applications. Used for family, noxious gas detection device in the surrounding environment, Ammonia, aromatics, sulphur, benzene vapour, and other harmful gases/smoke detection; tested concentration range: 10 to 1000 ppm.


  1. Sensitivity to Ammonia, Sulphide and Benzene steam
  2. Sensitive for benzene, alcohol, smoke
  3. Adjustable sensitivity 
Type Gas Sensor
No. of Pin
Input Voltage 5V DC
Input Current 150mA
Diameter 19.5mm
Height 14.5mm
Make Made in India

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