MPU-6050 Module (3 Axis accelerometer & Gyrometer)

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MPU-6050 Module consists of 3 axis accelerometer and 3 axis gyrometer. MPU-6050 is used to measure motion-related parameters like velocity, acceleration, displacement, orientation, etc. There is an inbuilt 16 bit ADC in the MPU-6050 module that provides high accuracy. The module has an onboard Digital Motion Processor (DMP) capable of processing complex 9-axis motion fusion algorithms and hence free up the microcontroller. Other than this, there is a temperature sensor also fabricated on the gyrometer module which gives the output. MPU-6050 3 axis accelerometer has 8 pins i.e., VCC, GND, SCL, SDA, XDA, XCL, AD0 and INT. VCC and GND are connected to the 5V supply and ground respectively to power up the circuit. SCL (Serial Clock Pin) is used to provide a clock pulse for I2C communication. SDA (Serial Data Pin) is used for data transmission by I2C communication. XDA (Auxiliary Serial Clock Pin) and XCL (Auxiliary Serial Data Pin) are two additional pins that can be left idle or can be used to provide an interface between other I2C modules with the MPU-6050 module. AD0 pin can be used to different addresses if more than one MPU-6050 module is used in the circuit. INT is the digital output interrupt pin.

Sensor IC  MPU6050
Sampling Rate 8 kHz
Operating Voltage 3-5v (internal low dropout regulator)
Output Type  16-bit data output
Communication Modes Standard IIC communications protocol
Gyroscope Range  ± 250, 500, 1000, 2000 °/s
Acceleration Range 2g, 4g, 8g and 16g
Pin pitch 2.54 mm
Dimension (LxW) 20x16 (mm)
Country of Origin China

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