MOTO E4+/HE50 5000mAH Lithium Polymer battery

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The MOTO E4+ (also known as HE50) features a robust 5000mAh Lithium Polymer battery, ensuring extended usage without frequent recharging. This high-capacity battery is designed to support the phone's demanding tasks, providing ample power for long hours of browsing, gaming, or streaming content. With its Lithium Polymer composition, the battery offers a balance of efficiency and durability, maintaining reliable performance over numerous charge cycles. Users can enjoy the convenience of extended usage without worrying about frequent recharges, making the MOTO E4+ a practical choice for those who need a smartphone with long-lasting battery life for their daily activities.


Voltage Supply 3.8V
Capacity 5000mAH
Battery Type Lithium Polymer
Application Mobile

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