Molicel INR-18650-P30B 3.6V 3.0Ah 36A Lithium Ion Battery

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The INR-18650-P30B stands out as a market-leading ultra-high power cell, delivering the best power-to-energy ratio ever in the 18650 format. With a 3.0Ah capacity for 100W discharge and 3C fast charge power, it represents a significant advancement in battery technology. Building on the success of the low-impedance power cell INR-21700-P45B, this new generation 18650 power cell, the first low-impedance version of its kind, brings several notable improvements over its predecessor, the P28A. The fast charging rate has been increased from 2C to 3C, providing both high-speed charging and high-power output. 


  • Its nominal voltage is 3.6V
  • Its typical capacity is 3Ah
  • Its discharge current is 36A
  • Its energy density is 631 Wh/l 234 Wh/kg
  • Its dimension is 18.6x65.2x47mm

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