MOC8102 723Q Optocoupler

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The optocoupler belonging to the MOC8101, MOC8102, MOC8103, and MOC8104 family is an infrared gallium arsenide device. In a plastic plug-in DIP-6 package, an emitting diode is optically connected to a silicon planar phototransistor detector. The coupling device is appropriate for signal transfer between two circuits that are electrically isolated. The maximum allowable reference voltages should not be exceeded by the potential difference between the circuits that need to be connected. The MOC8101, MOC8102, MOC8103, and MOC8104 have significantly higher common mode interference immunity because the base terminal is not attached.


  • Isolation test voltage, 5300 VRMS

  • No base terminal connection for improved common mode interface immunity

  • Long term stability

  • Industry standard dual in line package

Model MOC8102723Q 
Type Optocoupler
Brand Fairchild
Junction temperature 50 Degree centigrade
Soldering temperature 260 Degree centigrade
Base current 2A
Power dissipation 150mW
Collector current  50mA
Country of Origin China




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