MOC3083 Optocoupler IC DIP-6 Package

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The MOC3083M devices are made up of a GaAs infrared emitting diode that is optically coupled to a monolithic silicon detector that serves as a zero voltage crossing bilateral triac driver. They are intended for use with a discrete power triac in the interface of logic systems to 240 VAC line-powered equipment, such as a solid state relay.


    • Solenoid controls
    • Lighting controls
    • Static power switches
    • AC motor drives
    • Temperature controls
    • AC motor starters
    • Solid state relays
    Model MOC3083
    Product Zero Cross Triac Driver Optoisolator IC
    Optocoupler IC
    Isolation Voltage 5250 Vrms
    Off-state Output Voltage VDRM  800 V
    Zero-Crossing Voltage 20 V
    Forward Current 60 mA
    Forward Voltage 1.3 V
    Number of pins 06
    Package DIP-6
    No. of Channel One Channel
    Country of Origin China

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