MOC3063 Zero Cross Optoisolator

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MOC3063  zero cross Opto-isolator is a type of IC with 6 pins this IC contains a diode and a Traic, that's why it is known as traic driver output IC. It has 6 pins (Pin1-anode, Pin2-cathode, Pin3-NC, Pin4-main terminal, Pin5- substrate do not connect, Pin6-main terminal). Its mostly used in motor control appliances, AC motors, Industrial controls, solid-state relays and consumer appliances. It is used for temperature control, Lighting control, and static power drivers.


  • Simplifies logic controls of 115/240 Vac power
  • Zero crossing voltage 
  • It consists of gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode
  • Lead solder temperature is 260°C
  • Operating temperature is -40°C TO 85°C
  • Storage temperature is -40°C TO 150°C
Model MOC3063
Type IC
Forward Current 60mA
Reverse voltage 6V 
Power Dissipation 150mW
Peak Repetitive Surge Current 
1 A
Peak Reverse Current at 25°C 10µA
Off-State Output Terminal Voltage 600V

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