MM80FU040 Fast recovery diode

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MM80FU040  is a common cathode fast recovery diode its used mainly in uncontrolled rectifiers to convert AC to fixed DC voltages and as freewheeling diodes to provide a path for the current flow in inductive loads. Its used in fast switching applications such as free wheeling, snubber, clamp, inversion welder,  plating power supply, PFC, Ultrasonic cleaner, Converter and chopper Etc.


  • It has ultrafast recovery time

  • It has soft recovery characteristics

  • Low forward voltage

  • Low leakage current

  • Low recovery loss

Model MM80FU040 
Type Fast recovery diode
Max reverse Voltage 400V
Forward voltage 1.1V
Max reverse recovery current 9A
RMS forward current 400A
Total power dissipation 156W
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -45°C TO 150°C



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