MLX90614 Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensor GY-906

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MLX90614 is a contactless temperature sensor used to measure temperature without touching the object using Infrared Rays. MLX90614 non-contact infrared temperature sensor can measure temperature in the range of -40°C to 380°C. MLX90614 Sensor can measure the temperature of an object which is 2-5 cm for from the sensor. The sensor has a field of view of 90 degrees and returns the average temperature value of all objects within this field of view. The module has an internal 17 bit ADC and DSP which provides high resolution and accuracy. 

This Infrared temperature sensor has 4 pins which are VIN, GND, SCL and SDA. VIN and GND are connected to the 5V power supply and ground of the circuit respectively. SDA is Serial Data Pin and SCL is Serial Clock Pin which is used for serial I2C communication. MLX90614 sensor works on Stefan-Boltzmann Law, which states that all objects and living beings emit IR Energy and the intensity of this emitted IR energy will be directly proportional to the temperature of that object or living being. This sensor is used for measuring the temperature of moving objects, temperature sensing elements in air conditioners, healthcare applications, windshield defogging, Industrial temperature control of moving parts, High Precision Non-Contact Temperature Measurements, Thermal Ray Alert, Movement Detection, Body Temperature Measurement. 

Use 10k Pull up resistor for the I2C interface with optional solder jumpers. 

Sensor MLX90614
Operating Voltage 3V-5V DC
Operating Current 2mA
Communication Protocol I2C
Measurement Resolution 0.01°C
Accuracy  0.5°C
ADC 17 bit 
Country of Origin China

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