MJE13009 NPN Silicon Transistor

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The MJE13009 is made for use in inductive circuits that switch power at high voltages and speeds and in which fall time is crucial. They are very well suited for 115 and 220V switch mode applications, including as motor controls, solenoid/relay drivers, switching regulators, inverters, Deflection circuits, and motor controls. This device, which can store data even after the power is turned off, is a member of the family of metal insulator-oxide silicon (MIOS) transistors and is mostly utilized as a nonvolatile component of read-only memories. Silicon transistor made of metal nitride and oxide (MNOS)


  • Its collector emitter voltage is 400V

  • Its packaging is TO-220
  • Its voltage Blocking capability is 700V

  • Its junction temperature is +150 degree centigrade

Model MJE13009 
Type Silicon Transistor
Package  TO-220
Emitter Current  18A
Base current 6A
Total power dissipation 5.8W
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -45°C TO 150°C
Country of Origin China

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