MJE13005A NPN Power Transistor

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The MJE13005A is a high-speed NPN transistor with a high voltage. With a collector-emitter voltage of 400V and a continuous collector current of 4A. The Transistor has a very low fall time making it suitable for switching AC voltage (115V/220V) for converter and inverter applications.


  • Its collector emitter voltage is 400V
  • Its DC current gain is 60hFE
  • Its package is TO-220
  • Its mounting style is through hole
Collector-Emitter Voltage 400V
Collector- Base Voltage 700V
Emitter- Base Voltage 9V
DC Current gain 60
Package TO-220
Collector Current 4A
Base Current 2A
Total power dissipation 75W
Operating Temperature -65 to 150 degrees C

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